Winch Basics

Winches can be a life saver and to be sure of that fact it’s wise to follow a few simple steps. Winches no matter what brand will benefit from being used, not abused but used.

When winching take your time, more than likely your vehicle is stuck so it’s not going to go anywhere. Properly assess the best recovery point and any hazards that could cause personal injury or damage to a vehicle. Use a snatch block to reduce the strain on the winch and the drain on the battery.

It’s good practice to once a month or every time you wash the car to simply run the winch out a metre or so, slip it into free spool, pull the cable or rope out a couple of metres then engage the winch and motor it back in. This makes sure the winch will work when you need it most and dries out any moisture within the motor.

Also if using synthetic rope and winding it in without any load on the winch, wind it on messy, overlapping the rope side to side. This helps stop the rope pulling in on itself when used under load later on. #runva #winch