Kathie Smith

Kathie is more than likely who you’ll speak to if you phone or pop into Coffs 4wd Centre.

Kathie, Anthony’s partner is as keen on the 4wd industry and the 4wd scene as anyone else. Kathie also spent as a youth camping and 4wdriving, particularly with her father and siblings under military canvas, each of them being responsible for a certain task around camp, tent poles and pegs, gathering fire wood etc.

Kathie has a liking for any 4wd that has a V8 in it, the faster and louder the better! She has owned a V8 converted Hilux and a 100 series Land Cruiser V8 of course. Nowadays preferring the Land Rovers, as long as its V8.

Kathie’s background is in office management and accounts extending those skills to manage the spare parts side of Coffs 4wd. Kathie has also embraced the many computer skills it takes to look after their online sales. There is not a spare part or odd shaped component that Kathie can’t securely wrap and send.