Coffs to Perth in a Disco 4

When someone asks……..have you got a spare few days to drive a car to Perth? The answer has to be yes!!!

The said car was a 2014 Land Rover Discovery 4 with twin turbo V6 diesel loaded with a heap of household bits and pieces. Last time I drove from WA to Coffs it was in a 1992 petrol Hilux. This was going to be a more comfortable, quieter, smoother and much quicker trip.

To sum it up in a paragraph we, Kath and I (Ant) did just over 4000km’s in 4 days. We returned 9.5ltrs per 100ks for the trip. Averaged 96km/h over the total distance. Listened to 1200 odd iPod songs. Neither of us suffered saddle soreness in the back or butt feeling just as fresh after 1000 odd km’s each day. The hottest day was 46 degrees according to the dash and a nice 19 inside with the AC on. The coolest day at 6 degrees in the evening and still about 19 inside. The Disco handled driving the twisting roads of the Kosciusko National Park to the long fast straights of the Nullarbor Plains all the way through to rough corrugated dirt roads and sandy tracks with effortless ease.

We work on these vehicles and supply parts for them almost daily and to be able to drive one over such varied terrain and conditions in such a short amount of time makes you appreciate the vehicle even more. The other thing this trip makes you appreciate is this great country of ours. Doing the trip quickly like that impresses on you how varied and contrasting this country really is. So many places, sights and characters. Where else would you rather be. One Life. Live It.